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Tasuki has a fine bottom area


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Fan Fiction

By Kari
Disclaimer: I do not own Fushigi Yugi but I do own the Guardians.
Authors note: This is a very long prologue where I introduce the personalities and powers of the 14 Guardians. The Fushigi Yugi connection will come in when it is done and I tried to make it as short as possible. Please do not pass up this story because its not FY from line one, there will be plenty of it later I promise. Non-stop actually. In my last fic I had lots of short chapters. However, in this one not only am I typing on a computer with a spelling/grammar checker, but I also plan to have the chapter very long, like this one. Sub note: Casey and Kari are the same people, Serena and Kyle are the same people. Notice when they are called by those names and who calls them by them.

Tasuki has a fine bottom area