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Tasuki Imfo
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Tasuki Imfo


Real Name: Hou Shun'u (I know A LOT of you think it is Kou. but it is NOT. I own ALL the Fushigi Yugi Shows on DVD plus mostly all the Music Videos and the OVAs 1 and 2, Nimber 3 is not out yet.)

Nicknames: Genrou, Gen-chan or 'fang boy'

Senshi Name: Tasuki

Month Of Birth: 18th April

Place Of Birth: Kou-shuu, Taito-shi at the base of Mt. Reikaku

Age: 17 years old

Height: 178cm

Blood Type: B

Senshi Symbol: Wing

Position Of Symbol: Right Forearm

Constellation: Crater

Real Status: Leader of the bandits of Mt.Reikaku (again I know A LOT of you think this begind with a damn L but guess what it dont! I again own them and should know. So get it right!)

Senshi Status: One of the 7 Suzaku Senshi

Love: None

Hobbies: Fighting

Weapon: Tessen.

Personality: A fiery personality to match his flaming hair. Tasuki is the 'bad boy' of Suzaku Seishi. His motto can be 'fight first, questions later'. He is not scared to show his emotions and will cry when a close friend dies. At any time he will try and "Get back" with Tamahome since how they first meet.

Family: Father, mother and 5 older sisters.

Background: He ran away and became a bandit because women dominate in the Hou household.